Copycat Shower Scenes

I know that Psycho is not obscure but it is a good case in point for today’s blog. The shower scene has captivated film buffs for decades and been parodied and copied to death. Each shot one by one has been analyzed and evaluated and not just by casual critics on social media. A shower scene nowadays has an immediate association with the Hitchcock classic. Nothing has surpassed it in intensity. If a student filmmaker, for example, wants to do something similar as a nod to the great director, he or she had better be creative. The good thing is that it doesn’t take going on location. Ha! Any shower will do, especially one with a glass frame for easy filming. Then you have to find a willing participant whose major talent is a terrified facial expression. Get her positioned and let it roll!

One budding filmmaker I know told me that he tried my suggestions and got everything set up. The camera was in place and the “actress” ensconced inside, without costume. Ha! That saved money. He had set a limited time for the shot since he had to pay everyone and budget was a concern. To his chagrin, there wasn’t enough hot water to last the whole time. The actress, of course, was hysterical since he made her continue the scene under the frigid spray. There were several retakes to be sure there was no skin exposure. He didn’t want an R-rated film. She vowed never to work for him again! I told him to be sure to get a tankless water heater from here next time.