Finding an Odd Theater

I have a pretty good home theater system. That is the joy of having a job that pays ok and an apartment with no other responsibilities. So I rarely choose to go to a theater to see a movie. I would much rather wait for it to stream so that I can relax in my own place, with my own snacks, enjoying surround sound at a volume that doesn’t make my teeth rattle. It is a no-brainer about 90 percent of the time.

But going to the movies can be fun. That is for sure. There is nothing like that huge screen and finding yourself totally immersed in the film. Also there is the shared experience, too.

There are other upsides as well. I often forget to turn off my phone when I watch movies at home but at the theater I never do. Plus the people who tend to call or text me are often the people sitting with me in the theater. So there’s that. There is something just fun about going to the movies with your friends and then sitting around afterward and dissecting the plot or reciting the best lines.

When you like offbeat or odd movies, though, it can be hard to find a theater that is playing the type of films you want to see. So how do you find one of those? How do you find a place that is… odd?

Believe it or not, some theaters do have different things that they show. Maybe they don’t advertise it quite as well as the latest Michael Bay phenomenon, but it is there. Look on the website. Some very mainstream theaters have Bollywood nights, or old school films, or all kinds of other things. It won’t take you long to do and it will take only a minimal amount of effort too.

If you strike out there, do not fear. You might not be able to see a film in a theater in a traditional sense. That does not mean you don’t have options, though. I have also had good luck on college campuses, believe it or not. Especially if you have a good theater program near you, there is a good chance that they will show – at least on occasion – movies that are out of the mainstream. If you have a film program, even better. There are student film nights and you may get to see some really fresh takes on things.

There are not many video stores left. But if you are lucky enough to live near one that is still in operation, spend some time there. Talk to the employees. They also sometimes show different films. Maybe there is a bookstore near you that has film nights, too. Again, you can either go online and check it out or you can look around the next time you’re shopping there.

You may have to do a little more work to find the kinds of films that you want to see at the movies. But it will be worth the effort!