What if it’s Bad?

For me, there is almost nothing worse than watching a bad movie. I love watching movies so much so that I make it an experience. I really hate being let down by a terrible product. And unfortunately there are a lot of bad films out there.

I try so hard to find something redeeming about just about anything, but it does not always help. Some things really are not redeemable, and that is unfortunate. I wish that I was willing to turn off the really bad ones. It is just too hard for me to give up. I am one of those people who will just sit through something in the hopes that maybe it gets better at some point.

If there is a big film that comes out you may want to see it regardless, but you often can read reviews to let you know whether something is worth your time and money. The big problem with subversive or obscure films is can be hard to even get information about them. You never know what you are going to get.

So a big thank you to the internet for making things easier for all of us. You can type in any movie title plus the word “review” and presto, the internet will give you anything that might be floating around out there. That can be really helpful. There are also sites that cater specifically to obscure films, with lists that you can check from time to time to find new films to watch and reviews so that you know what to expect. Some streaming services let users review or at least star different films. You may not know why the rating is what it is, but it can help you avoid some real stinkers before you spend your valuable time on it.

All of that is helpful, but what if you don’t do that? Maybe you’re out of the loop or you decide to give it a try anyway and somehow end up with a real terrible movie, what can you do?

Welp, a normal person can just stop and walk away. That is probably your best option. But, and this is good especially when you have friends around, you can always make fun of the movie. This way, you are at least entertained. Plus you and your friends are probably very funny. So MST3K it up.

You can write your own review and pan it to help others avoid it. Create a website like this one and just get all your thoughts down. Dissect the plot, point out loopholes, destroy the acting skills, rip apart the writers. Maybe people will agree with you or maybe they won’t, so be prepared for that. Decide if you’re the type of person who is willing to feed the trolls or if you’re going to rise above it and move on.

I don’t know, life is so short. I probably should not waste them by futilely hoping that a terrible movie somehow gets better. What about you? Are you a quitter, or are you like me?